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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of travel needs does Family Travel Consultants address?
Family Travel Consultants can do anything from consulting on travel, booking plane tickets, trains, and cars, all inclusive vacations to creating a personal unique vacation.
 2. Does it cost more to use Family Travel Consultants then to book it online myself?
 No. We have vendors that will price match or who will under sell the trip by $5.00 from what you find on the Internet.
 3. What other advantages are there to using Family Travel Consultants?
 The biggest advantage to our service is we are here if something on your trip needs straightened out or you need a document sent to you. For instance, recently a client forgot some of her travel documents at home. Family Travel Consultants faxed them to her at the airport. We have also changed resorts for clients. An online booking engine has too many clients to have that kind of a personal relationship with you.  Also, we save you the time of searching through all the different travel websites and we have a relationship with the vendors so we know which ones are quality vendors.
4. How does Family Travel Consultants get paid? First of all, if we book you a trip, the vendors we use will pay us a commission.
 If it is a personalized trip using non-chain lodging or bed and breakfast that are too small to pay us, we will charge a flat fee that will be discussed with you prior to booking. 
5. Does Family Travel Consultants charge for consulting?
If the potential client is only seeking information about a destination ect. then the 1st half hour is free. Anything beyond that is $20.00 per hour.
6. Why does Family Travel Consultants charge a fee for research when this has always been a free service in the past? As with many business's, since the development of the Internet we have to change some of ways we operated in the past. These changes, however, are not all negative as the research you receive will be more in-depth.
7. Why is there a fee if I purchase a domestic airline ticket from Family Travel Consultants? 
This is a result of the airlines decision in 2002, to no longer pay travel agencies a commission for seats sold. In most cases there is not a fee associated with an international airline ticket as Family Travel Consultants has a relationship with some very good consolidator airline companies who continue to support travel agencies through commission checks.
We hope that addresses any questions you may have regarding our services. If not send an email with to sandy@familytravelconsultant.com.
Family Travel Consultants
Sandy Tanner

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